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Whether it comes in the form of a nostalgic memoir, a company press release or a series of casual blog posts, we all have a story that’s just itching to be told. And you want to tell yours the right way. The first time. That’s where I come in.

Over the last five years, I’ve helped everyone from bloggers to business leaders optimize their digital content strategies and connect with readers where they are—online. What story can I help you share?


How Can I Help?


Whether you’re a blogger who wants to take your content from amateur to professional, a business owner who wants to ensure your company’s copy is clean and consistent or an author looking to polish up your latest manuscript, a professional copy edit can help you reach—and exceed—your goals.

Get in touch with me to price out a full professional copy edit for your:

  • Blog post or series of blog posts
  • News article or news release
  • Company website, advertisement or signage
  • Marketing emails or newsletters
  • Company handbook or ebook

If you’re looking for a writer or ghostwriter to amp up your content creation, I can help! I’ve published everything from poems to short stories to political essays—but my specialty is in news and PR writing for online audiences.

My experience includes:

  • Press releases
  • Branded blog posts
  • Talking points and interview scripts for C-suite executives
  • Marketing video and voiceover scripts
  • Social media posts
  • News articles and op-eds
  • Nonfiction ebooks, especially on self-help and business-related topics

Need help taking your digital marketing plan to the next level? I have experience both as a social media manager and as a PR consultant, and I’ve been behind big gains:

  • I’ve led the way to massive jumps in follower counts on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube, where a company I contracted with saw an 800% growth in subscriber count and a 438% increase in video views in just one year.
  • I secured more than 120 media mentions for one brand and its CEO in a single year.
  • I oversaw a 17-point increase in one site’s Domain Rating over the course of 24 months.


What My Clients Are Saying


“Michelle has an innate talent for creating engaging content. Whether it’s a piece on a recent political event or a funny listicle, Michelle consistently delivers some of our most-read articles. She’s always up for a new challenge, clearly understands how to target an audience, and makes a job easier for everyone involved. She’d be a top-notch addition to any team!”

Rating: 5 out of 5.

“Michelle, you did an awesome job and I’m sooooo glad I chose you for this project. You really knocked this project out of the park.”

Rating: 5 out of 5.

“She did an amazing job. Very professional and clear, effective nonfiction writing! I would recommend Michelle to anybody looking to get an article or e-book written!”

Rating: 5 out of 5.

About Michelle

Michelle E. Rawlings is a writer, editor and digital marketer with a background in news and PR.

Michelle started her career in media while pursuing a B.A. in English from Shenandoah University, where she served as editor in chief of the student newspaper, The Buzz (formerly The ‘Doah), and earned the College of Arts & Sciences Award for Excellence in Journalism before graduating summa cum laude in 2017. Michelle went on to work as a copy editor and page designer for The Journal—Martinsburg, West Virginia’s hometown newspaper—and its sister publication in northern Virginia before taking the leap into full-time freelancing.

As a journalist, Michelle has been covering politics and campaigns since 2015. In addition to securing bylines in a number of local and national news publications both in print and online, she was the recipient of the S. Gordden Link Prize for Poetry in 2016 and is a published short story author.

Michelle now serves in a variety of freelance ghostwriting and editing roles in addition to managing public relations for a leading remote job board. She lives in Virginia with her husband and their border collie, Dakota.


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